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How to succeed with hot Russian brides in 2020

Women from the biggest country on Earth are famous all over the world. Nearly everyone has heard how strong and devoted they are. The exceptional beauty of Russian brides has inspired hundreds of poets for writing their masterpieces. The world has heard many songs about their strength and loyalty.

We all know how strong Russian wives have followed their husbands to Siberia many years ago without being afraid of anything. What are they like today? Do they still have the same character and are that devoted to their husbands? What do real Russian brides expect from you in 2020? Let’s figure it out right now.

What are real Russian brides like?

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The image of an obedient and silent Russian woman who is happy to marry a foreigner coming to rescue her from her terrible country is very popular in the western world, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You could suppose this to be true thirty years back during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Some ladies really wanted to marry foreigners to run away and find a much better life.

Modern Russian brides are not going to escape from their country and aren’t waiting for any knights in the armor who would rescue them and take them to their wonderful country ensuring better living conditions. Times have changed and women in Russia have changed as well. Meeting and dating them is very possible but not that easy now.

Many men complain these girls are difficult to approach, are demanding, and too proud. To some extent, it is true. We say to some extent because they are not intended to tease or challenge you but because they have certain expectations from men due to their local culture crafted through years.

Below, you will see what real Russian brides are like nowadays and the dos and don’ts of dating them.

Russian brides want security

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Why are they so demanding? This is one of the most popular questions asked by foreign guys. When it comes to Russian brides, dating them can be tough and confusing but only if you aren’t aware of their background. They are very easy to date if you know exactly what they want from you and what you should never do with them.

Women in Russia do not massively marry foreigners. The problem in their country is that there are too many women and not so many men. This is a demographic problem. Thus, a marriage with a western guy balances the situation and opens new opportunities for single women. It doesn’t mean all single Russian women are eager to marry foreigners no matter what.

They are looking for men who can meet their demands and ensure stability and security. Thus, you should be protective of your Russian bride. If you have a job, stable income, a good place to live, and can make decisions and take responsibility for you and your family, it will be much appreciated.

However, if you come to Russia to meet your potential girlfriend but you are temporarily unemployed, live with your parents, or do not know how to provide for yourself, not to mention your lady, you have no chances with her. She is ready to leave her country but only for the sake of a man who protects her and can bear full responsibility for her, her children (if any), and for your mutual family. Otherwise, it is better to forget about a woman from Russia.

They demand lots of attention

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Thinking that gorgeous Russian brides are silent, obedient, and patiently waiting for their knight to come and invite them to their country is also a bit wrong. These beauties need to see your true interest. They prefer actions instead of words. Thus, they require lots of your attention.

Instead of telling her «I do care of you» better show this to her. Women in Russia do not believe words and do not like empty promises. If you really care, ask her if she needs some help and do it for her. If you want to show that you are thinking of her — send her some flowers or a small gift.

Ladies in that part of the globe want to be conquered by gentlemen although the percentage of girls is much smaller. They want it not because they are so proud or materialistic. These girls do it because this is an old tradition and it is in Russian blood. Local men have always shown their attention to women, pampered them with gifts and masculine gestures.

If you want a Russian bride to pay attention to you, you should show your attention first. No actions from you — no affection from her. That is a pattern you should take into account.

Hot Russian brides seek financial health

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Russian women are eligible brides, but lots of people say they are materialistic and gold-diggers. Apparently, the only thing they are interested in is money. Let’s clarify something. If you have ever been to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any other big Russian city, you could notice how people live there.

Young women and those in more mature age have a pretty decent life. They have wonderful careers, earn very well, are financially independent, afford travelling, driving good cars, have their own apartments or houses. Naturally, these women are looking for a man who could give them at least the same level of living.

Now let’s think whether these girls want to change everything they have for a life with a man who cannot provide for his wife and family? Would they move abroad for the sake of a man who doesn’t have a good place to live in, a good job, and isn’t financially secured? Probably, not, so calling them materialistic isn’t really fair.

They are not looking for money but for a man who can give them at least the same life as they have in their country. It is not called materialism but common sense and the desire to be protected by their men.

Are Russian brides legal?

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If you wonder whether Russian brides are legal, you should know that you can marry one of them and this marriage is absolutely legit. Another question is whether dating them online is legal. Everything depends on the service you choose.

The best sites where you can meet Russian brides are totally legitimate and using them is secure. But you should think well about what kind of service to choose. Before starting to use a dating site, check their reviews; see what kind of services they provide, and how much it costs.

Remember that good sites for meeting real Russian brides are never free. Lots of professionals and matchmakers work hard to find a decent match for you. They have to be paid for their work, so do not search for something cheap if you want to get good quality.

Checking the reviews about the dating service would be also very helpful. Try to see the gallery of women if possible, there should be profiles of ladies of various age groups. Doing it all is not difficult so spend at least an hour of your time investigating and you will never come across not a legitimate service.

How to impress a Russian bride

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Knowing how to behave when it comes to hot Russian brides is a half success. Dealing with them may not be easy at once. It happens only because of the cultural difference. People from two different worlds and having absolutely different customs and traditions have certain expectations that do not always coincide.

To understand women from Russia better, you should know how to behave with them, so here are a couple of helpful tips:

  • Show interest in her culture. Once you come to meet a woman and she asks why you have decided to date a Russian bride, you should know what to answer. If you tell her that a Russian bride is the best because she is beautiful, obedient, and a great housewife, you fail. She will suppose you just want a beautiful housewife and nothing more. You should tell her that her culture and family values are attractive to you, that you appreciate the personalities and personal traits of Slavic women, etc. Express at least some interest in her country and traditions.
  • Look your best. If you want a beautiful lady to be by your side, be handsome yourself. No, they are not looking for Brad Pit or George Clooney, but a masculine and well-groomed man is someone they would love to see in their life. Make sure your hair, nails, and clothes are neat. If you are not very fit, consider attending the gym for a while, etc. Of course, if you do not want people in the streets to wonder how such a beauty could have chosen you.
  • Never ignore her. If you date Russian brides online, do not even think to disappear for a while and then get back again as if nothing happened. Remember how demanding they are and they want your attention. If you behave this way, she will suppose you are not serious and you will lose her forever.

Some more tips on dating Russian brides

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Russian mail order brides are not easy to pursue, but the process is very rewarding. Although your Russian beauty seems cold at the beginning, she will melt and become the most loving and caring woman on earth once you prove your devotion to her and she realizes she can fully trust you.

Do not despair if she doesn’t tell you anything about her feelings in letters or online chats. She has to make sure you are a reliable partner, meet you in person first, and only then think whether you can be her man. Beautiful Russian brides are very serious in their search and they cannot be open to people easily.

Here are some more tips on dating them:

  • Never push her. Lots of western men make the same mistakes when it comes to online dating — they require to tell exactly what her attitude is, how she sees your common future, exchange contacts, etc. Russian brides cannot stand when men are forcing them to do something. They prefer a steady process. As mentioned above, they want to make sure you are a worthy candidate, so empty talks do not give any insurance. Show your attitude with actions first.
  • Be positive. Women are going to leave their native land and marry a foreigner after some bad experience in their relationships. They do not want any negativity in their life again. They search for something different. If you complain, say bad things about your exes, or people in general, she will hardly want to comfort or reassure you. She will just say goodbye to you. After all, you might say the same things about her in the future.
  • Do not procrastinate. Russian brides want a man of action. If you promised to come and meet her, do it the soonest, do not make her wait for ages. A beautiful woman won’t stay single forever, so if you procrastinate, another man may appear on her horizon. She won’t wait for you forever.

Russian brides are perfect for marriage

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Hot Russian brides’ search can be tough and challenging, yet very rewarding. For some men, it takes years to find their Russian wife. Although it may seem scary at the beginning, you shouldn’t despair. Russian brides are perfect for marriage no matter what scary stories you might have heard.

When conquering the heart of one of these Russian beauties, you will receive one of the most caring, loving, and devoted wives in the world. If you want to have a supportive partner and the best mother for your children, do not be afraid of the challenges and go for your dream to meet a beautiful Russian bride.

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