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Unbiased review on Sofia Date is one of the modern dating sites providing all kinds of dating services for users from different countries. Its website is very promising and attractive but we had to verify how it works, what kind of services it provides, and whether we have to be concerned about something.

Check out an independent expert review on Sofia Date to see whether it is worth trying and how it may help you to find either a friend or a soulmate.

Website functionality

Sofia Date

We didn’t notice any unnecessary or annoying advertisement on Everything is clear and precise. You are not confused because all the information is brief, readable, and understandable. There are no endless pages where you might get lost, which is very convenient. The site doesn’t have any glitches, everything is loading very fast.

The colors of the site are also very pleasant. In the right upper corner you will find a registration form. Only after registration, you can get access to all the functions and women’s profiles. But no worries, the registration process is extremely fast. You can sign up using your email, either your google account. The overall process takes less than one minute.



Sofia Date promises prompt 24/7 customer support but we decided to check it. You can write to them by email and ask any questions you wish or use a 24/7 live online support. We decided to check both channels of communication.

To our biggest surprise, we got a really prompt reply to our email as well as instant support through their round-the-clock live chat. Their customer support representative was very polite, patient, and responsive. We can confirm that SofiaDate provides really premium client support.

By the way, on their site, you can find the links to their social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We contacted them through Facebook and got a reply as well. Their support is very fast. And we find those social media accounts very helpful. Unlike many other dating sites, they do not post women profiles to grab your attention but provide very useful tips and advice on various aspects of relationships.

You can contact them through any of the channels stated on their site and be sure to get a prompt and helpful response.

Security and payment options

We did not face any security issues when using The site is protected by McAfee Secure, DMCA, is PCI DSS certified, and uses the latest SSL encryption. Your private information is highly protected, no one can get it.

The payment options used are:

  • PayPal;
  • VISA;
  • MasterCard.

These payment methods are absolutely safe. We didn’t face any issues connected with payments. There were no reoccurring or double payments, they were processed within seconds, and our balance on the site was recharged immediately with no delays.

The leak of your payment information is excluded. If you are still afraid or concerned to provide the details of your credit card, use PayPal, it doesn’t disclose your direct credit card information.

Registration process

Sofia Date

On Sofia Date, you do not have to spend hours registering and figuring out how to do it. In the right upper corner, you see a Sign Up section saying Join Us Free Today. The registration is totally free and very quick. You just need to fill in your name, email, create a password, and state your birthdate.

If you have a Google account, you can sign up even faster using it. Modifying your profile is possible after registration. You can add pictures, change and add information about you, etc. By the way, if you confirm your email, you get 35 free letter credits and they are enough even to chat with women.

Ladies are not that lucky because their registration process is much more complicated, their profiles go through verification, and it is necessary to provide their ID card or passport and wait for the approval. It is good for you though while you can be sure women are not scammers and their identities are verified.

Services provides a whole range of dating services. Communication here is very easy and fast. When using any of the services, you do not have any headaches; everything is very clear and precise. The pricing policy is also transparent, there are no hidden fees. Thus, you can get the following services on Sofia Date:

  • Letter communication. Communicate through letters whenever you wish. If you are not used to video chats or are embarrassed to talk directly, this is the most convenient way of communication.
  • Video chats (coming soon). We recommend using this service at least once with each woman while you can see a woman in live stream and know how she looks exactly, compare her to her profile pictures, and see whether you feel attraction.
  • Video shows. These are videos of various ladies you can watch directly in their profiles and see them moving, speaking, etc. We found this feature very helpful and efficient while looking at the pictures is one thing and seeing a woman in life makes an absolutely different impression.
  • Media exchange. You can exchange media files with any ladies of your choice. Send her pictures, photos, etc.
  • Likes. You have the list of your favorites and can add the ladies you liked. After that, you can see who is on your list and choose women for communication or remove those who you think do not really match.
  • Blocklist. Adding people to the block list is quite helpful also. Let’s say, one lady was too annoying and didn’t understand you didn’t want to hear from her anymore. You can just add her to the list and never hear from her again.
  • Gifts delivery. If you want to make a woman of your choice happy, send her some gifts from the list. We can truly say we have never met such diverse lists of gifts on any of the dating sites. You can choose anything from flowers to expensive perfume and devices at quite affordable prices. Any user can find something to surprise his girl.
  • Meetings. Right in your profile, you can appoint a meeting with a lady; she can accept or decline it. The meetings can also be arranged via the representatives of the site.

Pricing policy and discounts


What about prices? It is one of the most important aspects for all users of dating services. We found the prices on Sofia Date very reasonable and affordable. The cheapest packages cost $9.99 and the most expensive $199.

We can say that even the cheapest package allows you to communicate with women pretty normally both via letters and online chat, as well as send some media files.

Once you sign up, you already have 25 credits on your account and can use them for chatting or sending letters. If you confirm your email, you get 35 credits more. They are enough for checking how the site works and whether it is worth using it.

The prices are probably one of the lowest, especially taking into account that the quality and the services of the site are very good.

The bottom line

Sofia Date seems to be a very promising dating site offering all the dating services. Their prices will not leave anyone indifferent and even a student looking for love can afford them. The services are diverse and the payment options are convenient and safe. The site is well-designed and doesn’t contain any annoying or distracting information. The range of gifts to order is amazing and their prices are not high at all.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned, we can truly recommend

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