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Things to know about dating Russian women online

There are tons of dating services where you can come across Russian women. Such services require some expenses and are pretty time-consuming. However, the popularity of women from Russia is only growing proving they are worth all of it.

Russian women are wonderful for dating because they allow any man to feel like a knight regardless of his origin. However, to feel like a real gentleman by their side, you should know exactly what the dating process requires and how to treat them once starting communication online.

After you read all the information below, you can decide whether Russian women dating is worth your time and effort or not.

Dating Russian women VS American women

russian women dating

Before you consider dating Russian women, find out the main differences between them and American girls. Knowing it is crucial while if there is no difference, why then you would complicate everything and date a woman from another continent. Moreover, you might suppose Russian women are not worth your attention and all those challenges once you discover what they are like.

The main differences between Russian brides and American girls are in their appearances, attitude towards men, and relationships, in general. Lots of men complain about women in their countries and strive to marry women from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus. Men in those countries are also not always satisfied with their local ladies and often marry American or European girls.

Here are the differences between Russian and American women that should help you understand who wins that big eternal battle at least in your heart and mind. We hope it will also make it easier for you to realize whether you should pick Russian women on dating sites.

Femininity VS feminism

russian women for dating

The impact of feminism is especially notable in the USA and even Western Europe. All Americans and Western European guys who join online dating sites complain that women in their countries are totally emancipated and feministic. Feminism is also slowly developing in Russia and influencing some categories of women, but their old-fashioned traditions will never be substituted by feministic movement.

Although modern Russian women prefer to get a good education and build their careers, family remains their primary purpose. No matter how successful and independent Russian women are, they always strive to create a wonderful family and be the best wife and mother for their husbands and kids.

Even when a Russian woman is a great bread-winner in her family, she will never forget about her household duties such as cleaning, cooking, and keeping her home cozy and warm so that the members of her family could feel the best way. The role of a wife and mother has been transferred across generations.

Russian women have a unique ability to bounce between successful careers and happy families. At the same time, any woman from that post-Soviet country will always remain behind her husband and support him in any situation. A man is always a leader for them and they do not fight for their equality because it is an old tradition. They feel proud to date a man who has leading qualities and can be the one to take care of them both.

Dating hot Russian women is a chasing game

American culture allows women to pick up men whenever they want it. These girls are self-sufficient and independent and prefer not to wait until your first move. Russian ladies are independent and self-sufficient enough; however, they do not think they should make the first moves.

Chasing a woman is a part of the Russian dating culture and not vice versa. In that case, American women have a great advantage. If you prefer being pursued by a lady then girls from your country are perfect for you while they are much easier to approach.

Dating Russian women is absolutely different due to their traditions and culture and for that reason, many gentlemen prefer not to overcome these obstacles. They find them too difficult to approach, unlike American or Western European girls.

Dating Russian women and US dating are very different in that aspect. If you met a Russian woman on your dating site, be ready to wait until she is sure if she really likes you and you are good enough for her. Things do not develop that fast for them even if you already met in person.

In case you want to impress your possible girlfriend during the first meeting after a long correspondence, better arrange a great first date for her even if you meet in her country and you have no idea where to go and what to do.

Ask your interpreter or representative of the agency to help you. Yes, a Russian woman will arrange a date and take you somewhere but it would be much more appreciated if you thought of a good surprise for her and arranged everything on your own. Do not forget to ask where you could get flowers for the first date while this is almost a must for any date in Russia. Unlike an American woman, she won’t accept it as an expression of your weakness.

They look different

dating russian women

We are sure that women are beautiful all over the world. Their appearance might be different, they may dress differently and prefer different styles but still, they are beautiful. Although lots of Western Europeans and Americans complain that their ladies choose comfort over beauty and femininity.

If you think an American girl doesn’t care whether she is going to impress you or not, then you should know that a Russian woman will always care about it. No matter where they go, Russian women always look perfect. They do not need tons of make-up or miniskirts to look great and they do not always wear them.

They just know a little secret of how to look great no matter where she goes and what she wears. Russian girls look stunning both in a cocktail dress and on high heels and in sneakers and tracksuits. Just a bit of makeup, a good manicure, well-cared hair and they already can conquer the world.

Even when traveling, having a hard day at work, or throwing out the garbage, they know other people look at them, so they cannot look bad. Shopping in her pajamas? No, you will never see that in Russia.

Is there Russian women dating for free?

dating site russian women

You can date Russian women in several ways. For example, if you are a traveler and have different trips often, you can easily go to Russia, hang out there, and meet some girls. If you attend a nightclub somewhere in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can even meet lots of girls speaking English and it will be much easier for you to communicate with them.

Keep in mind though: women attending nightclubs or bars might not be looking for serious relationships at all. Moreover, big-city Russian girls are very demanding and they require something more than just a couple of cocktail shots in the bar to give you their phone numbers at least.

Any international dating site offers too many profiles of beautiful Russian women. You can choose any of them, both free and paid ones. Girls from Russia hardly use free dating sites, though. First of all, serious ladies want to get good services and last but not least safety.

Men getting in touch with them on social media, for example, are the biggest no-no. Do not even dream that any of them will share her phone number or any other personal contact information with you. They value their safety and time, thus they do not believe any serious and marriage-oriented man can spend his time on such sorts of sites and dating apps.

Russian women are very cautious when it comes to dating sites, so they will not disclose their WhatsApp or other details in letters or chats. In most cases, they prefer meeting in person first to make sure you are real and have good intentions. These girls come across stalkers frequently, so they might seem pretty cold until they really get to know you.

Hot Russian women dating tips

Russian women are perfect for marriage but you should know what to do to impress them even at the stage of communicating on a dating service. These tips will help you understand how to behave a bit:

  • have a good profile picture (profiles without pictures or half-naked photos can hardly impress beautiful ladies);
  • do not lie in your profile (be genuine and never exaggerate any information, be honest about your age and marital status, don’t post old pictures);
  • be romantic (remember that Russian women are used to receiving flowers and signs of attention from men even when not dating yet; this is a way to their heart);
  • do not make empty promises (blah blah blah is never appreciated, Russian women want actions from you instead of words).

Never procrastinate when it comes to Russian women

russian women dating site

Women from Russia adore men of actions, especially when it comes to dating online. They do not really believe empty promises in your letters. When you sing praises to her in each of your messages but do nothing, she will never take you seriously. Be an action man, not a chatterbox.

Let’s say, you started dating a Russian woman on a dating site and decided to meet her. Once you told her about your plans to come to her country and meet her in November, start all the arrangements to be there in November and not later. Otherwise, you will lose her trust.

Russian women do not like staying on dating sites for singles forever. She cannot wait for you to delay the meeting all the time due to various issues. You should realize that a beautiful lady needs a man by her side and if you cannot ensure that, she will find the one who can.

Do not procrastinate when you decide to date women from Russia, do not make her wait too long for your letters or messages, otherwise, she will suppose you are not serious. Remember that in Russian culture, a woman can be late or forget to reply to your messages but they do not forgive men doing that.

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