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European dating culture

European dating is very interesting and if you live somewhere on other continents, you are not aware of its peculiarities. European dating culture is something many American men want to learn and follow and now, you have such a chance.

The post below will tell you everything about what dating European women is like and how you can meet your love on one of the best European dating sites. However, let’s not forget that Europe is big, and the dating culture in each of its countries may differ. Find out how right now.

What you should know about European dating culture

Dating culture in Europe might not be usual and common for you if you live overseas. However, we must clearly separate Western and Eastern Europe because dating in these two parts differs significantly. Western European dating culture is not very different from that in the United States.

If you come to Germany or France with your American image of dating, you won’t fail because everything is pretty the same. The problems may start when coming to Eastern or Central Europe. Here, girls will surprise you with their expectations, and below, you will find out more about them.

European women dating means courtship

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Courtship is a notion almost forgotten in the west. Men used to meet very independent and feministic ladies who do not want any romantic gestures or surprises but want to be equal with them in everything. Courtship is about chasing and conquering a woman in Eastern Europe.

Yes, women are not only independent there but also very romantic. of course, the level of romance differs from one country to another. Thus, Polish ladies are more open-minded while Ukrainian or Lithuanian girls are more difficult to approach.

Women in Eastern Europe prefer when a man brings flowers to each date. They want to see your attention and know how much you need them. Before you get your first date in Eastern Europe, you will have to prove that you really need this woman.

These girls won’t just come to a bar and be yours because you bought them a couple of cocktails. They are not interested in it. Show your intentions first and deserve the right to go for a date with her.

Gentlemen are appreciated

Continuing the topic of courtship, it is necessary to admit that European women prefer dating gentlemen. If you have ever seen a romantic Hollywood movie, you know what we are talking about. Not only flowers matter but your smallest gestures.

For example, you should always open the door and let her in first. Help your woman to put on and off her coats. Give her your hand when she is getting out of a car. No matter whether you are driving or sitting in the backseat with her, when the car stops, you should go out, open the door for her, and give your hand to help her.

This is called a gentleman’s behavior. Can you imagine European guys still do that when it comes to dating? They even do it with their female friends or unknown ladies. Such traditions are dead in the western world but they are still alive in European countries and this is wonderful.

A real lady, by the way, will sit on her seat and won’t get out of the car until you open the door for her. Don’t be surprised if she is not in a hurry to get out of your automobile, she is just checking whether you are a gentleman or not.

Paying the dating bills

Another tradition that is fading away in western dating is paying the bills. You don’t mind when an American or British girl shares the bill or even pays all of it, do you? It doesn’t work with Eastern European women.

When dating, you should always pay a dating bill without even asking her. Please understand that she has no problem paying for her, but her culture supposes a man to pay all the dating bills. You will be considered a cheapskate if you don’t do it. Is this the impression you want to make?

By the way, you don’t have to be her boyfriend for doing it even. In Eastern Europe, a man always pays even if he is just her friend or colleague. This tradition has its routes from ancient times when men were the only breadwinners and a women’s task was to take care of her man.

Paying the taxis

European dating assumes a man to pay for the lady’s taxi. Keep in mind that she doesn’t have to ask for it. If she does, you will hardly have a second date. Once again, you will be considered a cheapskate. A woman can pay for her taxi, there is nothing wrong about it if it is not that expensive.

However, we are speaking about the dating culture and it is like that. This is a part of conquering your woman, even if she is not yours yet and this is your first date. The first impression is the last impression, so if you don’t want to be a greedy guy in her mind, better don’t forget about her taxi back and forth.

How to succeed on European dating sites

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There are lots of dating sites where you can meet a good European woman. You can meet a girl from any country — Ukraine, Albania, Poland, Belarus, etc. Your options are unlimited. You can pick free European dating sites or paid ones, matchmaking services, or dating apps.

The only advice would be to be careful because many free dating sites or apps contain a lot of fake profiles. Thus, you may be writing to her one hundred times and never receive a reply. The worst scenario would be to come across a scammer and figure out that the woman in profile photos isn’t really her.

For these reasons, you should pick more or less reputable services, and even if they require purchasing a subscription, it is better not to waste your time and nerves on ghosts, gold-diggers, or scammers. Most European free dating sites anyways require paying for a membership to get full access to the services.

Don’t overwhelm her with messages

When being on a European dating site, you can send as many messages as you wish to one woman. However, don’t think that it will help you get her attention and make her like you more. Your attention is good but don’t overdo.

The truth is European women appreciate their freedom and personal space and don’t want anyone to interfere with it. If you keep overwhelming her with letters or messages, you will be considered not attentive but impatient. Too much attention scares them.

For example, you prefer writing long and thoughtful letters while most European girls prefer just talking or exchanging short messages. Moreover, they don’t do it every single day because they have some life, jobs, duties, maybe children, etc.

If you keep sending her tons of letters and messages asking why she isn’t responding, you will not hear back from her. Such a behavior irritates women in Europe. They consider it infantile and immature. This is not what they want from dating.

Thus, be patient, don’t overwhelm anyone with your messages or letters. Wait for her reply first, otherwise, she will simply suppose you don’t work anywhere and have nothing to do other than staying on a dating site and writing messages. It doesn’t mean you should write to her once a month, find the golden mean and be in touch regularly when you both feel comfortable.

It is better to see once than readthousands of times

When dating, European women prefer to see your actions instead of words. They cannot stand empty promises, beautiful talks, and everything like that but evaluate a man only by what he does. They also prefer not communicating in letters all the time but see you and hear on video at least once.

You shouldn’t disagree that a letter doesn’t give you a full impression of a person. You cannot see her face, hear her voice, see her facial expressions and gestures when she is writing to you. Many people lie in their profiles and letters. Thus, it is extremely important to talk on a video chat.

European women prefer this when using online dating. If she offers you to talk on a video call, accept her invitation and don’t neglect the opportunity to see and hear your new crush. Who knows, she may not be like you imagined her. She may even look different than her pictures.

In general, having a video call is the hallway to success because traveling to meet someone miles away without seeing this person is simply insane. You should understand it and always stick to it when it comes to European women dating.

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