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Your complete guide on Slavic brides

There is no single person in the world who has never heard of Slavic brides. Their beauty and femininity impress and inspire. Men from various countries keep looking for Slavic brides. Dating and marrying these beauties is no longer a novelty.

These women adjust to any circumstances, culture, or country. They make perfect and desired wives. Women of Slavic origin keep surprising their men every day, they are never boring and can bring bright colors to any routine.  

Dating them can be tough and challenging though but only if you didn’t put any effort to really get to know them and understand their needs and desires. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Slavic girls.

Who are Slavic brides?

slavic brides

When speaking about Slavic brides, most men mean women from Ukraine. And it is a bit wrong because Ukrainian girls make just a small percentage of all Slavic women. Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Belarussian, Slovakian, Slovenian, and many other ladies also belong to Slavs.

All these folks are very different, from their appearance to character traits. They have different cultures, customs, traditions, and values. We cannot provide common characteristics for women from around ten countries or so. This would not be right or wise. Thus, we will try to cover ladies from various countries to let you know about their peculiarities and how to approach them.

Regardless of belonging to different nations, Slavs still have some common features. Their appearance, manners, and traditions differ from the western ones and you can easily distinguish them if meeting in your country. In most cases, you will notice their attractiveness and femininity.

Women from all of the above-listed countries possess exceptional magnetism. It is very difficult not to notice them. No, they do not wear extraordinary haircuts, make-up, or clothes to be noticed. They have their inner natural beauty that affects their outer appearance and makes them so special. They do differ though, and here is how exactly.

Slavic beauties: Ukrainian brides

Ukrainian women are one of the most popular and desired Slavic brides. They gladly marry foreign men and move to their countries. There are many stereotypes and beliefs about women from Ukraine, let’s try to see whether they are true or false.

All Ukrainian women are exceptionally beautiful.Most Ukrainian women just know how to take care of themselves very well and how to present themselves with dignity.
All Ukrainian girls wear high heels and miniskirts every day.They do wear high heels for appropriate occasions as well as sneakers, boots, and other shoes. Different women have different styles, someone loves miniskirts, others prefer long dresses, jeans, etc. No worries, they look wonderful regardless of what they are wearing.
Ukrainian women want to leave their terrible country and marry foreigners to do that.Far from the truth. All girls in that country are highly educated and have pretty good jobs. They afford travelling and are pretty picky when it comes to the search of men.
All of them are gold-diggers.They search for a man who can provide for their families, otherwise, why they would need a husband at all.

Are Russian women the most stunning Slavic brides?

Russian girls make the biggest percentage of Slavic women. They also possess a very attractive appearance, slim bodies, try to eat healthy food, and love sports. If you go to a Russian gym, you would notice more females than males there.

Just like women in Ukraine, these beauties know how to take care of themselves. They always have well-cared hair, beautiful and stylish clothing, manicure, pedicure, and everything a beautiful woman must have.

Living standards in Russia are a bit better than in Ukraine, and big-city girls especially are pretty picky when it comes to the search for a husband. Thinking that once you come to Russia, she will marry you is wrong. Slavic culture supposes men to show their attention, care, and love. Not speak about it but show it.   

Thus, you will need to prove that you are a worthy and reliable partner who can bear responsibility for himself, his wife, and their common family. Having money doesn’t mean anything. If you have a good income but are not generous, a Russian woman will never pay attention to you.

One of the most common features of both Russian and Ukrainian Slavic brides is their family values. In family, they are perfect and devoted wives, their husbands are never hungry and their homes are always clean and cozy.

Motherhood is their vocation, so all ladies from these two countries strive to create a family and have children. They are one of the best mothers on Earth.

Meet Slavic brides in Belarus

meet slavic brides

Belarussian women are also very popular among western men. They look similar to Russian and Ukrainian girls. The divorce rate is very high in their country, and more and more women are not satisfied with local men. They gladly marry foreigners from various countries.

Unlike Russian and Ukrainian women, Slavic brides from Belarus are not so open to the age difference. Most girls from that country of divorced women will hardly date and marry men who are more than ten-fifteen years older. Thus, if you are a mature man who is dreaming of a beautiful young Slavic wife, you can almost forget about searching for her in Belarus.

Although they are not so open to huge age gaps, these beauties are less cautious towards guys from overseas. They happily exchange contacts after a couple of video calls and prefer direct communication apart from a dating site.

These Slavic cuties are also very feminine and know how to impress men. They look stunning and take care of themselves. Just like Russian and Ukrainian brides, they are great cooks and will never let you go to work without their breakfast cooked with love and care.

What about the rest of Slavic brides?

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Speaking about Bulgarian women, it is necessary to admit that they are willing to meet foreign men. Bulgarian brides are very beautiful, they have the exceptional appearance you would recognize anywhere. Their hair, dark, and skin are dark and, at the same time, they have great and strong family values. By the way, if you prefer curvy Slavic brides, welcome to Bulgaria!

Slovenian, Slovakian, and Polish girls are European-like ladies. They are beautiful, educated, hard-working, ambitious, and, to some extent, independent. They have great family values but, at the same time, resemble western ladies. If you do want a beautiful woman whose mentality is not very different from yours, pick a Slavic bride from one of these countries.

By the way, their huge advantage is that most of them speak English. Lots of women in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus still do not speak it. However, it has never been an obstacle to international marriages.

No matter what country your stunning Slavic bride is from, she will be very feminine, well-cared, caring, loving, and very devoted to you. Any Slavic woman is great for marriage and family, she will be the best mom for your kids.

How to meet Slavic brides

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If you are eager to date a Slavic beauty but have no idea how to meet Slavic brides, here are a couple of tips:

  1. You can travel directly to their countries and try to meet cute women there. Bulgarian girls are very open to westerners, unlike Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarussian. These ladies are cautious because they know about the poor experience of other women with sex tourists.
  2. Use a dating app. Most of the dating apps are low-costs and you finding Slavic brides won’t be a big problem. The only problem is that Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian women do not use such dating apps because they do not find them serious. Maybe you can meet girls from other countries this way.
  3. Social media. Although Slavic brides appreciate their privacy, they still have social media profiles and communicate with their friends there. They do not see it as a serious way of meeting a decent man though.
  4. Dating sites. Meeting Slavic brides on dating sites is the most proven way. These beauties happily join such services while they know all members go through verification procedures and they are not obliged to give their direct contacts to men at once. Hundreds of happy international couples are created this way yearly.

Finding Slavic brides is easier than you think

slavic women for brides

It might only seem that Slavic women are cold and difficult to approach. You just do not know them well enough. They are searching for good men able to provide for their families and bear responsibility. Women from Slavic countries aren’t looking for your money but security and care.

Meeting Slavic brides on dating sites is easy. All ladies who join such sites are ready for marriage with a foreigner and moving abroad. Do not miss your chance to meet a wonderful, loving, caring, and loyal wife. This is exactly what Slavic women can give you.

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