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What to expect from dating Ukrainian women

A lot of guys from different countries of Earth look for beautiful Ukrainian women for dating and marriage. This is one of the most popular inquiries on Google search. Many have heard how hot and stunning they are, but not everyone knows what kind of personalities they have.

Not everyone even knows that her attitude towards dating and western men directly depends on whether she is a big-city girl or the one from a village. Below, we will try to explain to you everything about Ukrainian women dating in detail.

Ukrainian culture on dating women

ukrainian women dating

Before making a decision to date a Ukrainian woman, you should learn at least the basics of Ukrainian dating culture. It differs from yours a lot and you cannot approach a girl from Ukraine as you would an American or Western European lady.

Ukrainian dating culture has been formed over decades. Girls have always been conquered by guys. Nothing comes easy and girls in that country are not that easy to get. Ukrainian women know that men should put effort into dating them. This is a sort of test, they check whether you are a worthy man or not.

Hundreds of years ago, women wanted to see whether a man was hard-working, thrifty, whether he could provide for his family, and take care of a woman well. Parents couldn’t allow their daughters to date or marry lazy men who couldn’t do anything at home and be bread-winners.

Times have changed, Ukrainian culture has changed as well but when it comes to dating, women still have the same criteria and expectations. A man is a leader and a conqueror. If a guy cannot show his attitude to a woman and be a real man, she won’t waste her time with him.

Thus, offering flowers for almost every date, giving her a hand when she is out of the car or bus, paying the dating bills, opening the door and letting her in first, helping her take her coat on and off — all that is a man’s responsibility in Ukraine.

Ukrainian big-city girls VS country girls

dating ukrainian women

Western guys often choose big-city girls because they look better, more stunning, are well-educated, and hard-working. Yes, Ukrainian brides women from big cities really have their distinguishing features; you can see them at once in the crowd.

But now let’s find out what you are looking for. If you are an American farmer and want to find a woman who would come to live with you and help you, do you really think a big-city girl who used to live a different life will do that? Of course, not, so there is no need even to waste your time.

Ladies in big cities of Ukraine are used to certain living standards, thus, their requirements and expectations are very high, and not every man can meet them. Girls in the villages are less demanding, although still look great and have a very good education.

Thus, you should choose a Ukrainian woman for dating based on your expectations and opportunities. If you are a business owner from a big city and can ensure a decent living for her, then a big-city lady who used to have her own apartment, drive a good car, and travel often would be a good match for you.

If you live in a small city or village and prefer a steady life, a Ukrainian village girl is perfect because at least, she can share the same life with you.

What is dating real Ukrainian women like

ukrainian women dating site

As you already know, Ukrainian dating is different and local women have their habits and expectations. Dating real Ukrainian women can be tough and challenging yet very rewarding and exciting. Why is that? All the misunderstandings happen only when you do not put enough effort to get to know what exactly dating a Ukrainian woman is like.

Before you start to implement that idea of Ukrainian dating, you should realize that you are going to date a woman from another country, and, respectively, her culture might be different from yours. She has her own image of dating and men, in general.

Any Ukrainian lady has her «standards», according to which she picks a guy to date. And if you do not match some of these criteria, you hardly have a chance. The following information on what a Ukrainian girl expects from you and what dating her is like will help you realize whether a lady from this country and such dating suits you in general.

Beautiful Ukrainian women want handsome men

Everyone wants to date Ukrainian women because they are hot and beautiful. Do you think what kind of men they prefer? Of course, a woman who spends enough time and money to look her best, attends a gym and beauty salons, dresses elegantly and impressive, needs a man who would look not worse.

No, it doesn’t mean they want young bodybuilders or men wearing expensive designer’s clothes. They just want you to look good. Why would a beautiful girl enjoy being with someone who looks untidy and doesn’t pay attention to his appearance at all?

Thus, when you want to date a Ukrainian girl because she is feminine, stylish, and stunning, look at yourself first. Are you good-looking enough? Is your clothing tidy, are your hair and nails neat enough? If yes, then you have a chance with a stunning woman from Ukraine.

If not, you should first take care of your appearance, go to your hairstylist, maybe attend a gym, get some good clothing and make sure to look neat and masculine enough. When you want to have a great girlfriend, you should at least make an effort to impress her with your look. Of course, if you do not want people to think she is with you because of money.

They search for lightness in relationships

The truth is Ukrainian women often marry young. This makes lots of couples divorce. Young people are not wise and mature enough. They cannot cope with difficulties and prefer breaking up instead of working on their relationships. Quite often, women suffer in their marriages and run away from all those negative things they had in their relationships.

This makes them look for men abroad. They want to start a new life in a new country and don’t want to feel any pressure again. They hate dramas. That’s why once you start controlling or overwhelming her with messages, making dramas, and complaining about your life, a Ukrainian girl prefers to be alone than handling all that.

No one wants to return to a negative experience, they look for something different, so if you love complaining, you may forget about dating a Ukrainian woman. They are looking for confident men who can take responsibility and support their women.

If your potential Ukrainian girlfriend has a child, for example, she is looking for a good man to support her and make her life easier instead of complicating it even more. She doesn’t want to have another child to take care of and babysit. Be a true man, and then dating a Ukrainian woman will be much easier.

Ukrainian girls want stability

Ukrainian women join online dating sites very often. If you browse any international dating site, you will notice that there are multiple profiles of women from Ukraine. You might think they register for leaving their country and find a better life.

In fact, Ukrainian women are looking for providers. Regardless of how well she earns herself, she needs a man to be able to provide for her and their family. Ukrainian women earn on their own, they work hard and sometimes, more than local men.

They can work to feed their children, give them a good education, and do everything for their children to have a decent life even when being single mothers. A man who doesn’t have a good job and income is not in the range of their interests.

A woman from Ukraine will never date a man who doesn’t have a stable job because they know exactly what they want and how they see their future.

They require attention

If you have ever used online dating, you know that Ukrainian women require attention. This doesn’t mean tons of letters or messages as well as calling them every single minute but your actions.

Ukrainian dating culture supposes gifts to your woman even if she is not your girlfriend yet. Flowers, surprises are a must if you want to impress her and get her attention. If your potential girlfriend has certain problems, you shouldn’t be indifferent and better offer her some help.

Paying dating bills is a must even if you are not dating yet. The girls from Ukraine do not understand how men and women can share the bills. It is always up to a man. If you live in another country and she is in Ukraine, she won’t wait for ages and choose a more decisive man.

Women in Ukraine are not looking for alpha males; but in their opinion, a man has to be confident enough to be able to conquer a woman and grab her attention to the fullest.

Dating Ukrainian women is not a challenge but a great experience

ukrainian women dating sites

If you are not a Ukrainian man, dating ladies from this country might be tough. However, you should realize that Ukrainian women join so many dating sites not to escape from their country but to find a good partner. This happens mostly because of gender imbalance in their country and not each woman can find a man.

A lot of men are scared of ladies from Ukraine because they consider them quite demanding and difficult to pursue. Once you learn about their culture, dating them is not tough anymore. Overcome all the challenges and get the most loving and caring partner in return.

Dating Ukrainian women is full of wonderful moments and these females give a lot of care and attention to their men. They are loyal and devoted and can make you the happiest man on Earth. Although your Ukrainian girlfriend may seem very cold at the beginning, she will be the warmest and most passionate woman you have ever met once you show her your devotion.

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