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6 things to consider when choosing a dating website

Living online became usual for people living in the digital age. We are used to doing everything online — working, shopping, communicating, and even dating. Using an online dating website is a great alternative for those who spend their time online more than go out. Dating online is also great for those who do not want to meet local women and consider a bride from other countries.

Picking a dating website is not that easy even though there are hundreds of them and all of them offer almost the same services. Before joining any of them, you should be ready and know a couple of things. Using an international dating website is a bit different than using local services and below, you will find enough information on what it is like and what to expect from it.

1. Pay or not to pay

The first thing you should decide is whether you want to pay for a dating website or not. Yes, there are different types of sites and if you browse the Internet, you will notice that lots of them offer their services for free and others are paid. It is necessary to admit that not all free dating sites are fully free.

If you have ever used such dating platforms or apps as Badoo or Tinder, you know that you can register for free and get access to some functions only. After you purchase a membership plan, you get full access to all the functions. The fees on such dating sites or apps are symbolic as a rule. They offer monthly or yearly memberships that do not cost much.

According to statistics, nine of ten profiles on Tinder are fake, so think yourself whether you want to use such services or not even if the cost is relatively low. Paid dating websites offer a much wider range of dating and matchmaking services. Their prices also differ from one site to another. Before joining your dating website, consider what service to use — free or paid ones.

2. The most expensive doesn’t mean the best

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Lots of people suppose that the best website for dating is the most expensive. It is not always so. Matchmaking services are usually the most expensive. Many dating sites try to sell their services as matchmaking at a much higher cost. In the majority of cases, they have nothing to do with matchmaking and are casual dating websites (if we are speaking about international dating) and their quality is not even good.

What is the best dating website then? There is no answer to this question because the answer depends on what you personally are looking for. For example, if you have no experience on online dating sites and want to gain it, free services would be perfect for it. You can find out how they work and whether online dating suits you at all.

If your goal is not just communication or hookup with local girls and you want serious relationships, consider a paid dating site or even a matchmaking service. But first, it is necessary to research the site. Remember that the highest prices do not guarantee the best quality.

Pick a dating site that has a good reputation among its users, the one that has already helped other people meet each other, customer support of which is helpful and responsive. A dating site must provide those services you need.

For example, you expect to exchange contacts with your lady after some communication. Check this opportunity beforehand. Some dating websites do not allow contact exchange until the meeting in person, others sell ladies’ contacts at extremely high prices, so before starting any communication, test the water.

3. Try different services

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It doesn’t mean you should join every single dating site you see on the web but do not jump into things too quickly once you find a site for dating. The reason is you may not find your perfect service at once and some of them offer good packages but are too expensive, others are cheap but do not render the same services, etc.

Each dating site might have something good to offer and something you do not really like. Before making your final choice, try them out. Choose your best dating website after testing them. Statistics say that 45% of daters have tried multiple dating sites. It means that perfect websites do not exist and you just need to choose the one suiting you most.

Keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with the service chosen, it will reflect your satisfaction with the experience on that site. If you are not happy with their policy or pricing, the result of your communication with a woman won’t be good. Pick the site that can meet your expectation at least in terms of communication, so choose a couple of them to try and see.

4. The process might be exhausting

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If you thought that looking for a partner online is as easy as shopping, forget about it. It is not the same as ordering groceries or clothing online. It is about feelings, emotions, and relationships. Any relationship involves a lot of work. Get ready for the fact that it won’t be easy and the process will be time-consuming.

Seeing beautiful dating website profiles is great but you join a dating site to find your partner. You cannot match just because you liked the profiles of each other and exchanged a couple of messages. Just like in real life, you will have to spend some time getting to know each other and experience certain disappointments.

Be prepared to get refusals from some women. Joining dating sites doesn’t guarantee you find a wife or a girlfriend. It depends on lots of factors, so get ready to start a long and sometimes, exhausting process. Lots of people mistakenly suppose that once they create a profile, they will get tons of messages and the first pretty lady they start communicating with will be their match.

Online dating is not very different from real-life dating. You meet different people; you talk, date, meet, break up, or start long-term relationships. There is no need to think everything happens faster here. Online dating is just a way to meet people similar to meeting someone in a café or nightclub and real relationships start after you meet in reality.

5. People tend to lie in their profiles

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People lie in real life and tend to exaggerate their achievements to make a great impression. The same happens online and here, they lie even more. Lying online is even easier than anywhere else. You do not look into their eyes and cannot check the information provided. You do not know whether the pictures are real, photoshopped, or recent.

People tend to lie about their marital status, biography, interest, age, and many other things. Men especially love exaggerating their income and achievements. Once joining a dating website, realize that the person you communicate with may not be what you think. This is the main reason for which paid dating sites are much better than free ones or various dating apps.

When choosing an elite dating website, you know that the ladies’ profiles are surely verified. They post only recent pictures, make sure the lady is real, check their identity, and by all means prevent you from fraud because you pay for it. Paid dating sites are security for both sides — men and women.

Anyone can register on a free dating site and as you understand, no one is going to check them and care for your safety. Just imagine that number — one of ten Tinder profiles is real. It means that only one of ten people you communicate with is real and all the rest are fake. How do you know whether a woman you like so much is real? Unfortunately, there is no way to check it.

There is no way to figure out whether this person posted her pictures or someone else’s, whether she is single or married, and whether she is really a doctor and not a scammer from another country. When opting for a website for dating, make sure to choose the one that verifies women’s profiles manually and protects you from scam. As a rule, you cannot hope for that on free services.

6. Determine location and other factors

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There are a plethora of dating websites within and outside the USA. Before choosing any of them, you should clearly know what location you want a woman from. If you want to date a woman from your city or state, search for local dating sites or matchmakers who would connect you with a woman from your area.

If you do not want to date a woman from your country, consider joining a Russian dating website or the one that offers profiles of women from other countries. When choosing a dating website for Slavic women, you should be ready that free sites do not exist. Yes, you can find some Slavic ladies on such platforms as Mamba and Badoo, or even Tinder but remember what was mentioned above — just one of ten profiles on such sites is real.

You can easily check it — create a fake profile on one of such sites and start communication; no one will stop you or suspect you are not the one you said in your profile. Most women there do the same, they join those sites mostly for scams because they do not bear any responsibility for it. A free international dating site is the worst option because decent and real women join only reputable paid services where they know that they are verified and men are verified as well.

Even the first meeting is usually arranged with the support of the site, so neither you nor your woman do not bear any risks. Apart from location, determine whether other factors such as race, religion, hobbies do matter for you. Some dating sites are created with all these criteria in mind. On international dating sites, you can usually select profiles according to such criteria.

Tips for using a dating website

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Consider these 6 things before using a particular dating service. First, be sure what exactly you are looking for. Do you want a good Brazilian lady because she is curvy or a cute Ukrainian girl because she is slim and family-oriented? Then make sure to learn more about women from these countries and see all their expectations, cultural differences, and other backgrounds while not each man can handle different cultures in some aspects.

Here are some more good tips to follow when joining a dating site:

  • create a decent profile (recent picture, not a freak one; detailed description of yourself and what you are looking for, not too long or too short; true and genuine information);
  • remember that a woman who communicated with you is not your girlfriend yet and you do not have to submit any claims, you do not owe anything to each other and you both are only getting to know one another;
  • if you are looking for a woman from another country, make sure to be aware of cultural differences and language barriers;
  • do not write your contact information in the first letter or profile, make sure to get to know people more or less well before sharing your information with them or requiring to share their information with you;
  • online dating cannot substitute real communication, so try to meet in person the soonest if you want some development of your relationship;
  • one meeting is not enough for marriage;
  • do not believe profile pictures, ask for everyday pictures, videos, video calls, etc. to make sure the person you communicate with is real.

Choose a dating website wisely

Online dating can be a lot of fun and a great option for those who lack the time or confidence to get acquainted in the streets, clubs, or at work. It opens wonderful new opportunities for modern people and doesn’t limit anyone to location, profession, interests, or race.

However, a decision to join a dating site should be wise. It is not a playground and if you are not serious, have a girlfriend or even wife, and want to just entertain, remember that other people might be looking for life partners there and you may hurt their feelings.

If you are serious about joining a dating website, never be in a hurry, weigh all the pros and cons, and pick the one that will bring you the best results. This decision should be wise and considered. Your relationship is not a reason for experiments, so be serious about it.

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