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Dating a Russian girl: The benefits and challenges

When you are a foreigner, dating Russian women may not seem easy. Dating is never easy but when you both come from different countries and cultures, everything seems even more complicated. Still, it is possible.

Men end up with Russian girls for various reasons. They are covered with tons of stereotypes. Lots of them are very exaggerated and misinterpreted while some of them are true.

Most of the challenges connected with dating Russian girls are still caused by culture. When starting to date females from Russia, you automatically look at them from your western perspective and this is a priori wrong. Once you learn Russian reality better, dating beauties from this country will be much easier.

Russian cuties are created for dating

russian dating

Russian girls are perfect for those who want serious relationships while they do not like playing games. They are traditional, loyal, feminine, fun, and very intelligent. The most crucial and valuable feature though is their family values and attitude to relationships.

They have a very strong connection with their families. Russians girls do not have any problems with introducing you to their closest people. You become a part of her big family as soon as you are engaged in long-term relationships.

Russian culture is amazing and dating there is great, too. However, you should adjust to it. Not all might be understandable to you at once. They do not only care about their families but also strive to get married and have their own children. 

Women from Russia are the best spouses and mothers. Don’t worry, in the process of dating they do not force men to get married. Everything happens naturally and they are patiently waiting for their men to make that serious decision.

Although you are not married yet, you will feel her care and love even at the stage of dating. Your Russian girlfriend will definitely support you in any situation and never betray you. Although Russian dating is a lot of fun and has its perks, getting a girlfriend from Russia is not always easy. You should opt for dating those Russian women who want to marry foreign men and here is why.

Why do Russian girls date foreigners

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You can see many Russian singles on various dating sites. It doesn’t mean all Russian ladies want to marry foreigners, though. Each of them has her own reasons for dating western men. Some ladies are disappointed with previous relationships and want to change their surroundings totally.

Others do not see good men among locals and want to try happiness elsewhere. Modern Russian girls are very hard-working and ambitious. They are not satisfied with what most men can offer and prefer marrying men from other countries and have a more decent life.

These are just a few reasons for which Russian girls seek international marriages. Below, you will find more answers to your questions.

Russia has gender imbalance

russian women dating

One of the biggest reasons why you see so many Russian dating sites is a significant gender imbalance in that country — 54% females to 46% of males. That balance is more or less equal in Western Europe and the USA. It means that some women have no chances to find partners in Russia, so they have to search elsewhere.

The situation is even worse because females in that country live longer than males. Thus, at some point, lots of women become widows, and finding a man of the same age in the future is almost impossible. For the same reason, you see so many mature ladies on Russian dating websites.

Why are there so many beautiful single women on dating sites? This is the most frequent question of western guys who join those dating sites. Now you know why. Absolutely not because something is wrong with them and they cannot find men but because there are not so many men in their country.

Lots of you are afraid that Russian girls are willing to escape their country for the sake of permanent residence or a Green Card. You should know that they will rather escape to Moscow or Saint Petersburg to improve their living conditions because people in those cities earn more than in some regions of Europe and the USA.

You have no reasons to be afraid of Russian gold-diggers as you can see. Demographic crisis and gender imbalance make them search for their husbands on dating sites.

The divorce rate in Russia is high

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The situation for Russian ladies is even worse due to a pretty high divorce rate. It happens not because Russian women or men are so bad. These girls marry at an early age due to their traditions. Of course, everything is changing now and they strive to become more independent and build their careers first. Still, if a woman isn’t married by 30, it is not approved by society, especially her parents and older people.

When young boys and girls get married, they are not experienced and wise enough to overcome various difficulties related to family life. Financial issues, children, and emotional volatility play their dirty jokes and young people decide to divorce instead of handling all those difficulties.

That’s why so many Russian girls start dating foreigners and join special services for that. Single moms have not so many chances to find good and loving men in their country after divorce.

Challenges of dating Russian girls

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Dating a Russian woman is wonderful and since the demographic situation in Russia is not the best, you have the biggest chance to become a part of one of the Russian families. Russian women dress to impress. They impress not only you but everyone around them. Of course, if you start dating a Russian girl, you will have to get used to the enchanted gazes of other people on your girlfriend.

Finding a good woman on a Russian dating site is not a success yet. Once you start dating your Russian girl, you might face a huge range of difficulties and challenges to overcome. If you are strong and confident enough, it won’t be a big problem. Here is what you should be aware of when it comes to Russian dating:

  • You may not speak a common language. A language barrier is always a part of your relationship with a Russian woman. Not all Russian girls speak at least English although many of them do, especially in big cities. Overcoming this barrier is not difficult, it just takes some time.
  • You are the one to pay. The most crucial thing you should know about Russian dating is that you always pay regardless of where you come from. This is their dating culture and they won’t accept yours. Of course, you should not pay for her always; let’s not forget about common sense. Some girls will want to get the benefit of you being a foreigner, so learn to distinguish the difference between real Russian ladies and scammers. Paying the dating bills is your responsibility, but sending money to her on her short notice while you are not even in relationships yet is not necessary.
  • Distance. Distant relationships are one of the biggest challenges when dating these girls. She lives in Russia, you live far away and the situation won’t change for a while, so be patient and purposeful enough. You are a man, so you should take responsibility for her to come to your country the soonest and do everything to facilitate the process.
  • Culture. Russian culture is admired by many western people. It’s no wonder — they know how to have fun and celebrate the holidays, they cook and eat a lot, Russian families welcome you as a special guest and are known for their wonderful hospitality. There are a lot of differences in both cultures though and getting used to them is a must.

It is an unforgettable and valuable experience

dating russian women

Once you try dating a Russian girl, we bet you wouldn’t like to date women from other countries. These women know how to hold a special place in your heart. Once you open your heart to a Russian woman, you let her in forever.

Modern Russian girls are strong, their spirit is enough for you both. Lots of legends and songs describe the beauty, strength, and fatality of these incredible ladies. Men of all ages have admired them.

It’s no wonder the kings and sultans of different empires wanted to conquer and take them to their kingdoms. Even the strongest and most powerful men have melted because of their charm and wisdom.

Times have changed, but Russian girls keep enchanting men from all over the world. They are still as beautiful, feminine, smart, wise, and tricky as hundreds years ago. Any of the Russian girls can become the best partner for you and all of your friends will envy your unbelievable happiness.

Dating Russian girls can be quite challenging, but only if you do not know how to tame them. Once you show her your love, attention, and affection, you will get so much more in return. Do not be lazy to find out the basics of Russian dating and the utmost happiness is guaranteed.

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